[Clipart] comments on 0.19, 0.20 roadmap, thumbnails

Nicu Buculei nicu_gfx at nicubunu.ro
Wed Mar 18 02:51:19 PDT 2009

Jochen Stärk wrote:
> 1) can the openclipart-ccHost folks use our thumbnails as img src if we
> just create them as .png?

AFAIK but IANACH (i am not a ccHost developer), not as-is, the ccHost 
code should be adapted or the thumbnail generator has to edit the database.

> 2) In the long run, do we live with thumbnails or is there a need to
> also have full-size png versions?

My vote here would be to use PNG only for thumbnails, we wanted from the 
start to promote vector graphics and SVG in particular, offering hi-res 
PNGs would defeat that goal and encourage laziness and reliance on old 
technologies (but I am not feeling that strong about this as for the 
license, I could be probably convinced otherwise).

> 3) Is it enough to have daily generated thumbnail or should there also
> be something like a on-upload generation?

Ideally it will work exclusively on upload (and maybe once for the 
entire archive to ensure all the old uploads have proper thumbnails). 
There is no need to parse daily ten of thousand of images searching for 
thumbnail availability.
But this option is the most intrusive regarding ccHost code hacking.

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