[Clipart] - Possible Violation?

Joanna Pszenicyn papapishu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 13:36:52 PDT 2009

Nicu Buculei wrote:

>I am not the person who flagged it, but I suspect is about this:
> http://karenswhimsy.com/image-ordering.shtm#terms<http://karenswhimsy.com/image-ordering.shtm#terms>

We have about 7 images from that page, mainly angel wings, as searching for
"karenswhimsy" shows.
We also have many images from wpclipart.com (search for "wpclipart"), and
his terms of use are:


These images are public domain (PD), and that means they can be used and
edited for whatever purpose you wish, personal or commercial. No
attrribution or linking is required, (although a link would be nice...)

I only make one request:

My website is mine. I do not expect anyone to copy my site or the image
collection (in large part) to host online or sell. This would compete with
my site, draining what revenue I generate through online ads. These pay for
hosting and modestly compensate me all the ink I use in test printing and
for the hundreds of hours I spend finding, creating and editing images.

What is the difference between this statement and that from karenswhimsy?
Karen, the owner of karenswhimsy, also calls her collection "Public Domain",
but then adds some restrictions. Yeah, I know that she has right to do so,
but why write on top of the page

"WELCOME! :: You have arrived at the main page for my *public domain images*.
On the following pages you will find hundreds of beautiful images gleaned
from my collection of old books, magazines, and postcards. They are all from
material printed prior to 1923 and are in the public domain."

It is at least misleading :(

So, should delete at once all images from karenswhimsy.com or only tag them
as pd_issue? And what about wpclipart? _Do_ we have a permission for every
single image, or do we just feel that the words "[...] That said, if you
wish to include the collection within a GPL-ed Linux distribution or create
a package for that distribution, you are more than welcome to do so. I am a
big proponent of Open Source [...]" are a "general" permission?????

Somewhat lost again,
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