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On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 10:02 AM, Jochen Staerk <jstaerk at usegroup.de> wrote:

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> Hi
> > Have we tried the computer game magazines?
> AFAIK no. And I guess it would be more the developer's magazines than
> the gamer's magazines. Some magazines run FOSS software databases so
> that they are up to date without being oblidged to write about anything.
> Maybe I sign it up in e.g. the heise software directory.

Haha! I did actually mean the gaming magazines. I suggest them because I
remember what I was doing when I was in University. Perhaps we could put an
ad or special feature in one? "Dont ask, dont get," etc. In the ends it not
up to me, I'm just chucking ideas out there - ones that might work, but are
from left-field.

> > Magazines off the top of my head, that might be interested.
> > IGN
> > 1UP (talk with Jeff Green the editor) separate business but run by the
> > same guy "in charge" of GfW.
> > Games for Windows (ditto)
> Actually that's a great inspiration, I posted on the
> smashingmagazine.com forum if they are interested.
> > Any plans or possibility of porting "clipart" to other consoles or
> > machines in the future? Is that even possible?
> What precisely do you suggest to be ported to which architecture to
> achive what?

I'm sure what I mean, but I don't quite know how to clarify in writing.

PC's are obviously the most used technology for
creating/displaying/using/distributing Clipart. With Consoles becoming more
like pc's everyday(HD's, mouse, gloves, Internet), are there plans to have
clipart creating/using programs on consoles? If so, is there anything we
need to do? could they read svgs? Could they read OCAL on the Net, download
a clipart, modify, re-upload to OCAL, print to printer, save to HD, etc etc.

Cellphones can already read and display clipart. They are like mini PC's.

That's were my question comes from.  Ignorance I guess! :D :D

The example that comes to mind: A game got created in Flash on the PC. Was
uploaded to NewGrounds on the PC. Got ported to Playstation 2 format. Of
which I now own a copy on the PS2. "Alien Homicid" if any one is interested
in looking for info on the web.

Does anyone know of any plans to make clipart available to consoles or other
technology? ("We hazzz big planzzz for OCAL" - as you can see :D :D)

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