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Jochen Staerk jstaerk at usegroup.de
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> Haha! I did actually mean the gaming magazines. I suggest them because I
> remember what I was doing when I was in University. Perhaps we could put an
> ad or special feature in one? "Dont ask, dont get," etc. In the ends it not
> up to me, I'm just chucking ideas out there - ones that might work, but are
> from left-field.

As far as I see this is a open source project, so nobody stops anybody
else from telling any magazine so feel free to write an exposee and send
it to them.
> like pc's everyday(HD's, mouse, gloves, Internet), are there plans to have
> clipart creating/using programs on consoles? 
I guess this you have to ask the guys writing programs for consoles.

> If so, is there anything we
> need to do? could they read svgs? Could they read OCAL on the Net, download
> a clipart, modify, re-upload to OCAL, print to printer, save to HD, etc etc.

I guess this heavily depends -- if you take e.g. a PS3 and install linux
I give you a good chance that it will be possible to run inkscape on it.
But if you take a wii I don't know if there's any good painting
programme out there.

> Cellphones can already read and display clipart. They are like mini PC's.

Correct, but as I don't know if there are any preferred, maybe even
proprietary used e.g. on the iphone, the technically closest solution
might be SVG mobile=SVG Tiny and SVG Basic, if you want feel free to
find out how much of the SVGs on stock do actually use features not
covered by SVG Tiny or SVG Basic.

> Does anyone know of any plans to make clipart available to consoles or other
> technology? ("We hazzz big planzzz for OCAL" - as you can see :D :D)

My personal priorities regarding openclipart are really more on the PCs
and Macs (and all other natively SVG compatible plattforms) than Mobile
devices and Consoles. I invested three weeks in a release and it was a
very nice experience but I will soon have to leave to earn my living. If
I returned I would potentially investigate on thumbnails on the web page.

I would define a plan as a theoretical construct of future action. The
problem is when there will be no action because nobody invests the
effort and you don't have developers or money or manpower your plan
sounds more like a dream -- which you can make true only if you somehow
get the action, either by doing it yourself or having somebody do it.

Live your dream. Actually I do. It feels great :-).

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