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On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 12:32 PM, Jochen Staerk <jstaerk at usegroup.de> wrote:

> > like pc's everyday(HD's, mouse, gloves, Internet), are there plans to
> have
> > clipart creating/using programs on consoles?
> I guess this you have to ask the guys writing programs for consoles.
> > If so, is there anything we
> > need to do? could they read svgs? Could they read OCAL on the Net,
> download
> > a clipart, modify, re-upload to OCAL, print to printer, save to HD, etc
> etc.
> I guess this heavily depends -- if you take e.g. a PS3 and install linux
> I give you a good chance that it will be possible to run inkscape on it.
> But if you take a wii I don't know if there's any good painting
> programme out there.

Yeah, I realized after I clicked, "send" that I was thinking of
out-of-the-box machines. It certainly is possible to customize, but from my
experience customization takes awhile to get around to/understand how to.
There's more and more happening, but like someone said in another forum
there still is 45% of people using IE. My point being that lots of people
still dont seem to realise the choices they are offered, and seem to stick
with mass-produced. Even with things like Open Clipart.

> > Cellphones can already read and display clipart. They are like mini PC's.
> Correct, but as I don't know if there are any preferred, maybe even
> proprietary used e.g. on the iphone, the technically closest solution
> might be SVG mobile=SVG Tiny and SVG Basic, if you want feel free to
> find out how much of the SVGs on stock do actually use features not
> covered by SVG Tiny or SVG Basic.

Thanks. I might have a look. Depends if I can find the time :D (or

> > Does anyone know of any plans to make clipart available to consoles or
> other
> > technology? ("We hazzz big planzzz for OCAL" - as you can see :D :D)
> My personal priorities regarding openclipart are really more on the PCs
> and Macs (and all other natively SVG compatible plattforms) than Mobile
> devices and Consoles. I invested three weeks in a release and it was a
> very nice experience but I will soon have to leave to earn my living. If
> I returned I would potentially investigate on thumbnails on the web page.
> I would define a plan as a theoretical construct of future action. The
> problem is when there will be no action because nobody invests the
> effort and you don't have developers or money or manpower your plan
> sounds more like a dream -- which you can make true only if you somehow
> get the action, either by doing it yourself or having somebody do it.
> Live your dream. Actually I do. It feels great :-).

Interesting.  I see OCAL as having huge potential. There already are lots of
clipart places out there, but more to my focus is the Open source,
collaboration aspect of Open Clip Art Library (and also OFLB). I'm a HUGE
supporter of FSF philosophy, Open Source, Collaboration, Community. I like
the possibilties presented by Public Domain. I remember what it was like
trying to find something (pictures, movies, audio) I could legally use in
University to complete my advanced diploma. I hate DRM with a passion. I
also try to respect people's copyright, since I know what it's like to make
something, then have other people profit off it, and not me. I understand
what it is like to pour your heart and soul into a work/piece, then not see
any returns from it.

Call me Idealistic, or Utopian, but I think that OCAL would be able to
provide for everyone, everywhere, for free, for them sell or give, as they
see fit. I intend on filling OCAL with as many high-quality
clipart/vectors/svg as possible to that end. I'm excited to see a project
that finally fits my potentially fatal idealisimistic utopia!

(pant pant)

I think I should get off my soap-box now. :D

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