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Tue Mar 24 22:08:54 PDT 2009

Correction to my previous email:

"This precedent means we can't have famous characters (Donald Duck,
MickeyMouse, Bambi, Darkwing Duck, DragonballZ, James Bond, Starwars, etc) *
without* the copyright holders EXPRESS PERMISSION."

The reason I'm hammering this is because Open Clipart must continue to be
above the law-line. You can't make exceptions with an icon or famous
character because of "what's the harm?" or "no-one will care," or even "No
one will notice", because the images we provide to OCAL are provided as PD.
Which means that anyone, anywhere could give them away for free, or sell
them and make money off them. If the images they sell and make money off are
copyrighted in any way, it is possible the copyright holder will object. If
enough of them object, or a big enough player objects (usually in the C&D
way, then suing), OCAL will crumble into ash, and any sister projects will
come under heavy scrutiny, as will the people who contribute.

My goals:
1) Keep OCAL reputable. If we get the reputation for ripping off, or
stealing copyrighted works, we might as well not do anything like what I see
the potential for OCAL to be.
2) Make OCAL a resource that I wish I had in University.
3) Encourage others to submit their works to OCAL in PD

I believe in it. Absolutly. OCAL is great! But I think we have to be
careful. It's better to be slow and steady than rush things.
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