[Clipart] Main online Website "Quick Stat" discrepancy?

Jochen Staerk jstaerk at usegroup.de
Wed Mar 25 01:54:52 PDT 2009

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>> Except:
>> 1) Get permission for the Darth Vader Comic character.
>> 2) If unsucessful, delete it from the database.

I apply for smartass-of-the-day and want to mention that this is a form
of censorship as well: As far as I know some countries do not know
intellectual property and thus US-Copyright does not apply there (China
is a candidate which I would check and e.g. Afghanistan). So if you
follow your own rules you mark this as banned in the US, the EU, etc..

Maybe the project could define which country law to obey, otherwise you
could call us an anarchy.

I suggest the law where the server is situated. As far as I know we
currently have only one in the USA but if somebody ever wanted to mirror
in germany I would not disallow that the officially censored pictures
are banned from that repository, otherwise e.g. a german magazine can
not download and put on media something which is mirrored on a german
host, be it public domain or not (and the server operator can be sued).

E.g. Microsoft germany IMO can attack and even sue the prooo-box
(shipping with openoffice) if they sell the DVD in germany with a single
fucking swastika clipart.

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