[Clipart] 10k release?

Jochen Staerk jstaerk at usegroup.de
Wed Mar 25 02:06:51 PDT 2009

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> Lets get that press release ready, and put out the package, and do that for
> release on thursday...what do you guys think? It is timely!!!

Honestly, I think that's crap but I'm preparing the release (will take
some hours) and will release when I'm told -- you might want to give me
ssh credentials or you will need to download on your own, shall i send
you my id_dsa.pub?

The reason why I think it's crap is because we're obviously talking
about three different numbers,

a) the number of SVG files in the daily tarball (>>11000)
b) the number on the openclipart page for admins (obviously >10000)
c) the number on the openclipart page for public users (I see 9970)

I thought we would release when c reaches 10000 which would already
irritate the public because they download the file release based on the
tarball and get far more than 10000. But that would be OK.

If we release after now b reached the 10000 the people will go on the
openclipart page, see a 9970, wonder why we announce 10k has been
reached, download the release and get 11000 and wonder even more.

IMO we should wait until either a (too late now) or c reaches 10k.

I can also prepare the release and put it and hope that c reaches 10k
ASAP because the people won't notice anyway that we talked about b
because the release is based on a.

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