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Upload under Anonymous sounds reasonable. As I said, if the original authors
want the clipart under their name it's up to them to upload it. The
important thing is having the clip-art on the site.

Who's working on the ccHost for OCAL? How's it made? What are the solutions
already tried? What do you need? Can you please give me an example with one
file about everything that is needed to "convert" from the old
database/archive to 0.19 ? I need more info before I can research
effectively. At the moment I dont know what I'm looking for. Nor can I
suggest possible solutions with my current knowledge about it.

On Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 12:26 PM, John Olsen <johnny_automatic at mac.com>wrote:

> I'd be more inclined to upload under the "house Account" of Anonymous and
> credit the original name under the artist field
> John
> On Mar 27, 2009, at 4:12 PM, chovynz wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 4:12 AM, John Olsen <johnny_automatic at mac.com>wrote:
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>> > Subject: [Clipart] Importing other peoples artwork?
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>> > On the Roadmap (wiki <http://openclipart.org/wiki/Roadmap>), part of
>> > the
>> > goals are to import all images from the archives.
>> > Would it be ok for someone else (me) to take one of the folders at a
>> > time
>> > and import them into OCAL? Does this put them into the ccHost
>> > automatically
>> > or would you like me to "hands off" there?
>> >
>> > *"We are tracking the transfer of files from the old archive to the
>> > new OCAL
>> > site on this page:
>> > http://openclipart.org/wiki/authorlist - please strike through your
>> > name
>> > when you have uploaded your files to the current site. "*
>> >
>> > For example would it be ok for me to cross off one or more of
>> > authors as I
>> > complete uploading their stuff?
>> >
>> > --
>> > Cheers
>> I initiated this project, so here's a little background.  I sorted all
>> the files in the past collections and removed crap files and
>> duplicates.  Then I re-organized them into folders by submitter name.
>> We talked about a bulk upload of the old stuff but no one came up with
>> a feasible method of moving them all while retaining the original
>> connections to their submitters.  I guess the underlying architecture
>> is too different.  If you import them they will be imported under your
>> name instead of that of the original submitter.  Some of these
>> submitters already have accounts on the new OCAL but have not, for
>> whatever reason uploaded their old art to the new site.  Also it is
>> hard to determine WHO these submitters are.  Some have used multiple
>> accounts over the years, some are untraceable.
>> I uploaded all the singletons awhile ago under anonymous - thinking
>> that a submitter who only submitted one file for years was not active
>> and we could take the chance.  We didn't think setting up dummy
>> accounts for all these people and then uploading them to each one was
>> a good idea.  That would have been over 300 accounts with one entry
>> that wold have to be set up with passwords remembered, etc.
>> Turns out 2 of those 388 people have now requested that their files
>> appear under their names, but neither has followed my simple
>> instructions to make that happen.  So it seems maintaining and running
>> these blind accounts for a slew of people would be a nightmare.
>> Up until now, we have relied on the many hands make light work" notion
>> and hoped all the past submitters would move their own stuff.  You can
>> see from the list and how many stikeouts there are, that it hasn't
>> been wholly successful.   There is somewhere around 200 names there
>> (not counting the singletons) and 7 have finished moving their files
>> over.
>> We'd love to find a solution here, but haven't heard any good ideas
>> yet.  What do you think?
>> Johnny
> Well I have a few ideas. I don't know if it'll work, but it's worth
> bringing up the discussion if we can find something that does work. The
> important thing is getting the clipart in there.
>    - Idea #1. Manual upload under mine or other people's names.
>    If the original authors want their works (which are already submitted
>    under PD), to be under their name, then the onus is on them to follow the
>    procedure, OR get in contact with whoever uploaded the clipart. As you said
>    we don't know if they are active, and few of them have responded to any
>    communications you guys have already done.  I have no problem uploading them
>    under my name, naming the original author, and informing them of the new
>    process when they contact me or leave a review. At least then we'll have the
>    working name. Then they can upload under their name, let me know they've
>    uploaded and I can delete my copy.
>    I'm not interested in having my name to clipart that is in the PD, that
>    I didnt do. So I have no problem uploading, then deleteing when the real
>    author squeals and uploads it for himself.
>    - Idea #2. Manual or batch upload with ccHost database details change.
>    I don't know how ccHost works but I'm presuming it's some sort of
>    database? If it is anything like MYSQL, then I also presume that a database
>    Administrator could change the name of an entry to the appropriate name. For
>    example:
>    1 chovynz Pineapple.svg Hi_Res_Image Pineapple.png 20090622
>    - Case Use 1. Let's say Pineapple.svg is Jon Phillips original artwork
>    from this list of clipart whos authors have disappeared. chovynz uploads the
>    file, because it's worthwhile having as many clipart in OCAL as possible.
>    Jon Phillips sees it one day, registers and lets chovynz or one of the
>    admins know and says "This is my original artwork I'd like it under my own
>    name. Thanks!"  Chovynz or one of the admins email one of the ccHost admins
>    for OCAL and let them know who the original author of *this_filename* is,
>    and can they please change it.
>    - Case Use 2. We find a way to batch upload. The author of 40 images
>    come and register. They let us know that *these* images are "theirs".
>    - End result 1 & 2
>    The ccHost admins change the name of  the UPLOADER field to the
>    relevant author.
>    - Clarifications: "letting us know" could be a list on the wiki of
>    clipart that have what the FILENAME UPLOADER needs to changing from and to.
>    The purplse of this list is that the admins do when they can, rather than
>    being pressured by someone saying "I want this under my name for the Nth
>    time!" or "Hurry up!" etc.
>    - Idea #3. Again I dont know ccHost so i dont know if this is possbile.
>    Filename and directory structure text extractions. On second thought if
>    the person doesnt have a username exactly as in the stuctures, that wont
>    work. Nevermind. Ignore this one.
> It seems that even if the Authors come forward, someone has to do it
> manually. Again I dont mind doing it myself and just waiting until they get
> in contact. Perhaps we could have an automated "I'm the original author!"
> button on a specific clipart category or tag? This button would send a
> report or email to an admin stating filename, uploader, and reportee. Then
> the admins could come to an agreement on if they want to change it?
> I dont really know enough about how ccHost works to come up with solutions
> at the moment
> This is one of 10 parts of a mystery picture.  Assemble all the parts and
> return to the assembled picture to me and I'll have a prize for you.

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