[Clipart] What we do now - Does it affect 0.19? + Mass uploads

Nicu Buculei nicu_gfx at nicubunu.ro
Mon Mar 30 23:56:45 PDT 2009

chovynz wrote:
> I'm not sure I follow, but I'll smile and nod. Or rather I'll let my 
> curious-techno side get the better of me and ask lots of "dumb" 
> questions. :-D
> To clarify my question, what happens when I upload a single image? It 
> goes to a storage place on the website, and any information about it 
> goes to a database? 0.19 is a cosmetic/frontend change that doesn't 


> modify the database or the image storage place?

At the release we make a copy of all the files in the storage space, 
create a big zip archive of them (in fact a number of archives in 
various format), put the archives in a convenient place for download and 
issue an announcement.

You can conveniently download the archive, unpack it in your computer 
and browse/use the files. Is a way to download everything with one 
single click.

> I don't know how the snapshots work either. What's the purpose of them? 
> What's a tarball? What am I supposed to do with them? How do I access 
> them from the site? 

That is the same with the release, only without announcements and using 
one single archive format (tar.bz, so is called "tarball")

> What I meant as in "not wanting to add them again" was, it takes awhile 
> to upload with all details, one by one if you have more than 10 clipart. 
> Especially if you go to the trouble of making them specific for OCAL. 
> I've already gotten rid of my source images (I have limited storage 
> space on my local computer). Which means OCAL has the only copies of 
> what I've uploaded. It would be troublesome for me to upload those 
> cliparts again.  Does that better explain "I dont want to upload them 
> again"?

Once you upload them, they are on the server and into the database. 
Unless something really horrible happens (to the data and backups) or we 
do something really stupid (like moving to another infrastructure 
without an import facility), there should not be a need to upload again.

On the other hand, I am quite attached to my sources, I never delete 
them, I keep a copy on the hard drive and also have them on my website, 
so if OCAL is somehow erased from the face of Earth, is taken over by 
some evil entity or I just decide to take my toys and go home, my work 
will still live. And I find this a sane policy.

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