[Clipart] What we do now - Does it affect 0.19? + Mass uploads

Jochen Staerk jstaerk at usegroup.de
Tue Mar 31 01:04:27 PDT 2009

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> I'm not sure I follow, but I'll smile and nod. Or rather I'll let my
> curious-techno side get the better of me and ask lots of "dumb" questions.
> :-D
I don't mind dump or technical questions at all, just some suggestions
sound a bit strange if the technical background is a bit unclear.

> To clarify my question, what happens when I upload a single image? It goes
> to a storage place on the website, and any information about it goes to a
> database? 
Correct, the file is stored in the file system of the web site and the
metadata (tags etc) go into ccHosts database.

>0.19 is a cosmetic/frontend change that doesn't modify the
> database or the image storage place?

Correct. And the reason why I was confused is that the Milestone 0.19
(http://openclipart.org/wiki/Roadmap) contains already references to the
"new site" = new frontend, which is also referenced in 0.20 so I guess
it's not necessarily released with the 0.19 Milestone.

I tried to distinguish Milestone 0.19 (which contains several things
inclusively the File Release) from the File Release 0.19 by calling the
one thing Milestone and the other thing File Release.

> I don't know how the snapshots work either. 

We can access the filesystem easier than the ccHost Database. A programm
developed by Nicu is automatically executed every night which copies all
SVG files and compresses them to a .tar.bz2 archive which I called
tarball (sorry for the technical term) to distinguish it from the file
release, which is compressed into various file formats.

> What's the purpose of them?

Users can download them directly and get all up-to-date SVG graphics not
older than a day. Plus they serve as basis for my release script.

> What's a tarball? 

a archive in a special file format, .tar.
> What am I supposed to do with them?
You don't need to do anything with them but if you like you can
uncompress them using "tar xvfj" on linux systems or e.g. 7-zip or
peazip on windows.

> How do I access them from the site?

It's daily_SVG_snapshot.tar.bz2 on

> It would be troublesome for me to upload those cliparts again.  Does that
> better explain "I dont want to upload them again"?

yes, thank you. I think this won't happen.

> I think not having a mass uploader for registers users is a problem for
> OCAL, and a stumbling block for OCAL's growth. 

I agree. But we lack developers and there would be a lot of tasks to do,
e.g. the still unsolved thumbnails-on-the-page-issue.

I created a page in the wiki, http://openclipart.org/wiki/Todo

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