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This went out today :)

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Subject: [Press] PRESS RELEASE: Open Clip Art Library 2.4 Release
For immediate release:

Open Clip Art Library Pushes to 2.4, in tandem with Aiki Framework

August 2, 2010 UTC – The Team at Open Clip Art Library
(http://openclipart.org) is excited to officially announce Version 2.4
of the Open Clip Art Library platform. This new release is built from
over 32,900 of the web standard scalable vector graphic (SVG) files,
each created and/or remixed by over 16,000 different contributing
artists (up 1,000 from the
[http://www.openclipart.org/wiki/Announcement_23 2.3 Release).

A key element in the new update, The Open Clip Art Library RSS Feed
(http://www.openclipart.org/rss/new.xml) now features the capability
of displaying the latest images directly in the feed, so subscribers
can finally integrate the content into their specific data flow.

Also included in this new Release, is a new monthly package of
original graphic compositions from our Open Clip Art Library Community
(http://openclipart.org/artists). Last month's package, a Summer 2010
Collection included a colorful and diverse range of Seasonal art. The
package included in OCAL 2.4 breaks the environmental mold and
ventures in an entirely different direction: Athletics. The Sports
2010 package includes over 75 unique and classic works by our diverse
artists, including: netalloy, laobc, inky2010, shokunin, pianoBrad and
more! Any wishing to download this useful package can do so by
visiting the packages section of the main site or by searching the key
word "sports2010".

In related events, Open Clip Art Library architect, Bassel Safadi
(http://bassel.ws/), has been hard at work on OCAL's foundation, Aiki
Framework (http://aikiframework.org/). August 2, 2010, also marks the
release of Aiki Framework: Version 0.35! Among the many improvements
brought to life in this new iteration, key upgrades include; an
improved cache system for logged in users, compressed (ZIP) file
support and extracting event handlers, and preference saving for users
and guests. Along with OCAL, sites currently using Aiki's latest
Release include Open Colour and Sharism.

More information on these and other events in the Open Clip Art
Library spectrum can be found via the project Roadmap


* Over 32,900 unique and remixed clip art
* 1,000 new contributing artists last month
* New Open Clip Art Library 2.4 Release
* Aiki Framework 0.35 Release

For More Information


Press Contact

Jon Phillips
press at fabricatorz.com
San Francisco + China

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Press at lists.fabricatorz.com

Jon Phillips
http://rejon.status.net + skype: kidproto
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+86.187.1003.9974 (china)
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