[Clipart] Openclipart - striptease girl

Nathan Eady eady at galion.lib.oh.us
Wed Jul 21 10:26:38 PDT 2010

chovynz <chovynz at gmail.com> writes:

> I'm aware of the clipart, I don't necessarily agree with the
> decision to hide them.  Was it due to the title and wording only or
> the fact that they can be undressed?  What's the way forward with
> these types of cliparts?  Where's the line?  Is it if the title or
> tags says such things, or is it any clipart that can be "undressed"
> irrespective of words?

I think they need to have whatever keywords are necessary to inform
people who are deliberately filtering out images that contain nudity
in a sexual context (or computer programs that are attempting to do so
automatically) that these images match that criterion and should be
filtered out.  Elementary schools, for instance, might want to provide
a clipart collection to their students, and such images would most
likely be unwelcome in such a collection.  So it needs to be
relatively easy to filter them out.

In general, I think we could stand to do a lot more editing work on
the keywords, to make the collection more searchable, more sortable,
and more filterable.  Anything that obviously depicts alcohol or
tobacco should have an appropriate keyword for that, for example, and
currently some of them don't.  Many images are hard to find because
they lack the words people would use to try to find them.  Other
keywords appear on virtually every image for no apparent reason, so
that it's unnecessarily difficult to find the images that are actually
relevant.  (Try, for instance, to search for an image of a book, and
you'll see what I mean about irrelevant results.)

Nathan Eady
Galion Public Library

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