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Leonardo Cunha laobcunha at gmail.com
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I agree with Nathan. As I have already said, lots of people don't tag
appropriately, so searching and filtering becomes a problem. That is a kind
of work that grows exponentially. There is a need of more librarians or a
category of users allowed to change tags and descriptions.

I search for "car" and there is only 1 car in the first 23 results... :(

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2010/7/21 Nathan Eady <eady at galion.lib.oh.us>

> chovynz <chovynz at gmail.com> writes:
> > I'm aware of the clipart, I don't necessarily agree with the
> > decision to hide them.  Was it due to the title and wording only or
> > the fact that they can be undressed?  What's the way forward with
> > these types of cliparts?  Where's the line?  Is it if the title or
> > tags says such things, or is it any clipart that can be "undressed"
> > irrespective of words?
> I think they need to have whatever keywords are necessary to inform
> people who are deliberately filtering out images that contain nudity
> in a sexual context (or computer programs that are attempting to do so
> automatically) that these images match that criterion and should be
> filtered out.  Elementary schools, for instance, might want to provide
> a clipart collection to their students, and such images would most
> likely be unwelcome in such a collection.  So it needs to be
> relatively easy to filter them out.
> In general, I think we could stand to do a lot more editing work on
> the keywords, to make the collection more searchable, more sortable,
> and more filterable.  Anything that obviously depicts alcohol or
> tobacco should have an appropriate keyword for that, for example, and
> currently some of them don't.  Many images are hard to find because
> they lack the words people would use to try to find them.  Other
> keywords appear on virtually every image for no apparent reason, so
> that it's unnecessarily difficult to find the images that are actually
> relevant.  (Try, for instance, to search for an image of a book, and
> you'll see what I mean about irrelevant results.)
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