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-Open Clip Art Library Release 0.17 Announcement
+Open Clip Art Library 2.0 Powered by Aiki Framework Announced
-Sept 1, 2005 UTC - Release 0.17 of the Open Clip Art Library 
-(http://www.openclipart.org) is now available on-line for download as an 
-individual package consisting of over 5000 images submitted by over 500 
-international artists. The size of this release successfully exceeds the 
-months "OCAL 5K Pledge" of 5000 images thanks to the contributions by new and 
-old contributors.
-A quick overview of this release:
-    * Library consists of over 5000 images!
-    * New Clip Art Browser by Greg Steffensen
-    * Document Management System (DMS) now linked into website for testing
-    * New clipart_package CVS module for building packages
-    * Added RPM packages of the release
-Due to the success of the "OCAL 5K Pledge," the next goal is for 10K images 
-(10,000 clip art images) by the end of 2005. The development community 
-encourages all types of artists to contribute images to the library this month 
-in support of the theme, Pets - one step towards the end of year OCAL 10K 
+March 5, 2010 UTC - The Open Clip Art Library team is proud to announce
+the release of Open Clip Art Library 2.0 (http://openclipart.org). Open
+Clip Art Library now has over 26,000 original and remixed high quality
+scalable vector graphic (SVG) files that have been produced by over 1,200
+creative artists! March 2010 marks both Open Clip Art's 6th anniversary
+and 1 year since last spring's launch of version 0.19. The project's
+launch is so massive, the project jumped its release number to 2.0.
+The biggest change to the site is the new thumbnail previews and the
+easily browsable PNG bitmap downloadable files. The artist and artwork
+are the focus of the new site. It's easier than ever before for anyone to
+upload clipart. Also it is important to note that all works submitted to
+OCAL are free for use by the public, for all purposes, under the Creative
+Commons Public Domain Dedication. The community does encourage that those
+using the graphics point back to the original source of the work in some
+way, but its not a requirement. The project encourages all artwork to
+spread globally, as is the case with much of the clipart landing onto
+Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects.
+A more subtle, but massive change happened behind the scenes. Due to the
+hard work of Bassel Safadi, Michi, Ronaldo Barbachano, Brad Phillips and
+others, the website is now driven by the Aiki Framework. Aiki Framework
+is a new and flexible PHP+MYSQL platform that allows designers and
+programmers to easily create and work with content management systems
+from the web. OCAL, via well known Inkscape artist and developer Andy
+Fitzsimon (http://andyfitzsimon.com/), has provided a fresh new theme,
+and new logo from Robert Martinez from http://quicktutorials.org to
+compliment the new site features found in the 2.0 release!
+Also, much of the work building the Aiki Framework
+(http://aikiframework.org) and the Open Clip Art Library 2.0
+(http://openclipart.org) has been done by the Fabricatorz based in San
+Francisco. The Fabricatorz on this project are Bassel Safadi, Ronaldo
+Barbachano, Brad Phillips, and Jon Phillips. If more features for Open
+Clip Art Library or other projects are desired for creation using Aiki
+Framework, please contact the Fabricatorz at http://fabricatorz.com.
+However, it should be noted that with all the massive changes to the
+Open Clip Art Library, the librarians encourage all to help make the
+project better by filing bugs (https://bugs.launchpad.net/openclipart),
+feature requests, helping develop Aiki, and updating the project's wiki
+(http://openclipart.org/wiki). Some extras are disabled at present in
+favor of providing the most high priority features using Aiki, thumbnails
+and quick uploading functionality.
+The librarians ask for help in celebrating this release of the project
+by supporting the 2010 Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM2010) from May 27-30
+Brussels (http://libregraphicsmeetings.org). This annual event is in
+it's fifth year and provides a great opportunity for makers and users
+of Free and Open Source graphics software to meet and collaborate
+face to face. In anticipation, the Open Clip Art Library is setting
+a new goal of 50,000 pieces of uploaded clip art by LGM 2010. The
+project also is refocused on a monthly development cycle, detailed at
+http://openclipart.org/wiki/roadmap. The Open Clip Art Library always
+needs new Librarians to help tend to clip art and develop the project's
+website through the roadmap.
+* More than 26,000 pieces of clip art.
+* 14,000 more images uploaded since last year's release!
+* http://aikiframework.org now driving the website.
+* Rendered thumbnails added.
+* New site theme for 2.0 release developed by Andy Fitzsimon
+* Call for Participation for Libre Graphics Meeting 2010 in Brussels in
+May 2010.
+** http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/
+As with past releases, the Open Clip Art Library provides a large package
+of clipart for download in multiple packaged formats. The Librarians ask
+for help to the project by alerting websites, Linux distributions and
+companies, to use the packages actively. We provide tarball, zip files,
+a Windows installer, and many other formats for consumption.
+* http://openclipart.org/packages
+About Open Clip Art Library
+Since 2004, the Open Clip Art Library (http://www.openclipart.org/) aims
+to create an archive of user contributed clip art that may be freely
+used. All graphics submitted to the project are placed into the Public
+Domain according to the Creative Commons Public Domain Declaration.
 The Open Clip Art Library. Drawing Together.
-Use the following URLs to download the latest release of the Open Clip Art 
+For more information
-    http://openclipart.org/downloads/0.17/openclipart-0.17-full.tar.bz2
+* http://openclipart.org
+* http://aikiframework.org
+* http://fabricatorz.com
-    http://openclipart.org/downloads/0.17/openclipart-0.17-full.tar.gz
-    http://openclipart.org/downloads/0.17/openclipart-0.17-full.zip
+Press Contact
-    http://openclipart.org/downloads/0.17/openclipart-0.17-win32.exe
+Jon Phillips
+jon at fabricatorz.com
+San Francisco + China
-The Open Clip Art Library (http://www.openclipart.org/) aims to create an 
-archive of user contributed clip art that may be freely used. All graphics 
-submitted to the project are placed into the Public Domain according to the 
-Creative Commons Public Domain Declaration.

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