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Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Sat Mar 6 23:24:47 PST 2010

Bassel made it easy for librarians to edit these pages now. Bassel can you
explain the functionality.

I'm hopeful that someone out there would take on the challenge to reform
these pages.

Right now we have VOLUNTEER, HELP, and ABOUT pages. To me, it makes sense to
merge VOLUNTEER and HELP pages into a page and menu item called:
PARTICIPATE. Volunteer sounds cheesy and help is weak...what I think we
should put on that page is a list of top 5 priorities for help, ranking from
easiest to harder in a big red box.

Here are my thoughts on top 5 priorities for PARTICIPATION:

1.) Upload Clip Art
2.) Use Clip Art (and let us know about it!)
3.) Become a Librarian!
4.) Hack on Open Clip Art Library
5.) Hack on Aiki Framework

Then below it, have a quick menu to types of roles we have: artist,
librarian and developer. Then alternating white and gray sections going from
easiest ways to participate in depth to harder.

Ronaldo, could you take a crack at this, and bassel, can you make the menu
changes if all seems well.

You can see my rationale for this from the wiki front page I prefer these
days to channel contributions in the red priority box:

Thoughts and/or action!!! We plan to launch sunday night PST/monday morning
china time (I'm in shanghai still).


Jon Phillips
internet: @rejon + skype: kidproto
+1.415.830.3884 (sf/global)
+86.134.3957.2035 (china)
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