[Clipart] Sorry for the duplicate. Translation with Google translate.

Francis Bond bond at ieee.org
Wed Jan 12 18:32:29 PST 2011


> May be you can organize the search engine to feed words of a language to Google translate before sending the request.
> We have made a proof of concept of this to go from French to English.  It was made with the beta site, one year ago.  We just patch it for the new site.  With some more efforts, it can serve for those that don't really speaks english.
> Here is the URL ot this proof of concept.  Put a French word in it to test it.
> http://zonecolibris.org/openclipart/recherche.php
> Your comments will be appreciate.

Very nice.  It really shows how joining two good things together can
make them even better.

Three minor suggestions although as this is just a proof I understand
if you don't want to deal with them:
(i) it looks as though you are allowing partial match on the
translated search term (thus "love" matches 'glove' and 'plover')
(ii) I think it would be nice 8and easy)  to allow people to chose the
input language
(iii) I see you sent us the code (in another thread).  Could I
encourage you to add a license, so we know what we can use it for?


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