[Clipart] Sorry for the duplicate. Translation with Google translate.

Cotte André cottea at grics.qc.ca
Fri Jan 14 07:48:45 PST 2011

Hi Francis,

Thanks for your remarks about the translation code.  I will answer in your text.

Very nice.  It really shows how joining two good things together can
make them even better.

Three minor suggestions although as this is just a proof I understand
if you don't want to deal with them:
(i) it looks as though you are allowing partial match on the
translated search term (thus "love" matches 'glove' and 'plover')

AC : This is the way the OCAL search engine works.  It's not so simple to correct this in our code.

(ii) I think it would be nice 8and easy)  to allow people to chose the
input language

AC : We had work for the Quebec schools where French is the language.  But you're right, it is trivial to do.

(iii) I see you sent us the code (in another thread).  Could I
encourage you to add a license, so we know what we can use it for?

AC : We will release it with a LGPL License.  We will have to check the status of snippet of code find on forums.  As soon as it will be done, I will post the code and it's license on this list.


Francis Bond <http://www3.ntu.edu.sg/home/fcbond/>
Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
Nanyang Technological University

Have a nice day

André Cotte
Carrefour éducation et Colibris
Société GRICS

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