[Clipart] To System Gods : You have a central HQ now + language thoughts

chovynz chovynz at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 00:08:17 PST 2011

*To System Gods and OCAL developers*

You now have a Headquarters.
Check it out.

It's slowly getting populated by the things we need to quickly see what we
have available and what we need to use. Eventually this will probably be
split into relevant sections and pages, but for now, it's doing it's job.

Let me know what you think and how we could improve it.


One thing, While doing this I found the dictionary for aiki. It occurs to me
that we could easily do something similar for the tags of all clipart in
e.g. User Preferences> Language select > German = ocal_users > language =
populate tag list with (select from tag_list where (language = (ocal_users >
language ) and ((upload_name)) = clipart number = upload name
*english | *fruit , apple , food , red
*german | *Frucht , Äpfel , Lebensmittel , rot
*french* | fruit, pomme, de la nourriture, rouge

The benefit of this way as opposed to automatic translation, is later, when
we are able to open up tag editing to the registered members, (If we choose
to do that,) then people can put in their own tags in their own languages
relevant TO that language.

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