[Clipart] Our open source vocabulary application needs new vector graphics

Jonathan Kossick j.kossick at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 19 02:32:06 PDT 2012

Hello everyone,
I'm a developer of a free open source vocabulary trainer for Linux, Windows
and also OSX (coming). The vocabulary trainer is relatively new and in the
coming version we not only want to improve the GUI Style of the program but
we want also start to create the localisations. Voc2brain is a
vocabulary trainer
with concept of allowing users to learn vocabularies in an easy and
efficient way. The software assists users with retaining as much knowledge
as possible. The key method Voc2brain uses is the flashcard system
structuring learning around your schedule.

Until now the icons we use in Voc2brain are not nice to see... So we look
for active designers who can spend some time to help us offering a free and
  high quality vocabulary trainer for everyone by creating vector graphics
which replace the actual icons.

There are different Icons Voc2brain needs:

   - Vocabulary Database
   - Configurations
   - Rehearsal
   - Add vocabulary
   - Exam Mode (learn words within a short time)
   - Index box configurations
   - Vocabulary Backup
   - Reminder
   - Voc2brain Cloud

The latest stable version of Voc2brain is just available in German but the
coming version which should also include new icons will be available in
English. If you want to try Voc2brain in English you can just download the
Alpha version for Windows or Linux:



I added also one screenshot and the Voc2brain logo as an attachment.
We really hope that we can find someone who wants to support our project by
creating vector
If you have more questions feel free to contact us.

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