[Clipart] cch graphics now in db

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at fabricatorz.com
Mon Mar 11 22:18:13 PDT 2013

I did a little cch db cleanup this morning.
There were 1499 .svg files named cch_ on the server that had
no representation in the aiki database.
915 of those turned out to be md5sum duplicates of the others
so I deleted them (I understand this breaks some links to the
outside world, but there is so much junk on the server I need
to favor speed a little). I did not check the server logs
to see how often the deleted files were accessed lately.

That left 584 md5sum-unique cch_ svg files which I re-added
to the aiki database under the 'cch' user.

I apologize in case this feels like some dirt being stirred
up, but the files were on the server regardless and now they
are just more visible again.
I understand we have 19 pages of cliparts with clipart_issue
set and 100+ pages without tags. Now there may be even more
cleanup work but I just start somewhere.

A quick look over the first few pages of those 584 graphics
makes me believe some have some value and it's good that they
are more visible again.

There are now a total of 47761 svg files on the server. I think
there are at least another 6000 in people folders that have no
aiki entries at all, I will look at those next.

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