[Clipart] svg update

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at fabricatorz.com
Thu Mar 14 20:50:16 PDT 2013

alright, I proceeded with the jpg (1159 files) and png (25629 files)
delete, that's done.
Here is a rundown of the .svgs that are now on the server:

Total:	41,157
	2006: 1743
	2007: 4295
	2008: 4921
	2009: 4128
	2010: 9933
	2011: 9190
	2012: 5705
	2013: 1242 (until 2013-03-13)

There are bugs written up somewhere that say we should run scour
server-side on all graphics, but I am hesitating to do that because
we could potentially damage files. Actually I like to write my own
.svg by hand (in vi), and I wouldn't want some 'optimizer' to garble
my beautiful whitespace...
If anything we could run statistics or automated tools to analyze the
files and flag them for manual fixing. svglint or so. Plus automatic
modification of the metadata, I think that should be possible in a safe

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