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Jakub Jankiewicz jcubic at onet.pl
Fri Mar 15 00:51:56 PDT 2013

I think we should do that using xml parser written in php, we should
also strip cruft added by Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape
(the last add sodipodi and inkscape namespaces).

We can do all of them after uploading a file and show warning when
image contain images or just strip it, I think better is not allow to
add clipart that have embedded images inside.

On Thu, 14 Mar 2013 23:50:16 -0400
Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at fabricatorz.com> wrote:

> alright, I proceeded with the jpg (1159 files) and png (25629 files)
> delete, that's done.
> Here is a rundown of the .svgs that are now on the server:
> Total:	41,157
> Timestamp:
> 	2006: 1743
> 	2007: 4295
> 	2008: 4921
> 	2009: 4128
> 	2010: 9933
> 	2011: 9190
> 	2012: 5705
> 	2013: 1242 (until 2013-03-13)
> There are bugs written up somewhere that say we should run scour
> server-side on all graphics, but I am hesitating to do that because
> we could potentially damage files. Actually I like to write my own
> .svg by hand (in vi), and I wouldn't want some 'optimizer' to garble
> my beautiful whitespace...
> If anything we could run statistics or automated tools to analyze the
> files and flag them for manual fixing. svglint or so. Plus automatic
> modification of the metadata, I think that should be possible in a
> safe way.
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