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Jon Phillips jon at fabricatorz.com
Mon Mar 25 02:36:50 PDT 2013

This is the tool we built at Creative Commons for this:


Also, Hubert Figuere made this tool off the libraries I worked at cc
to get released from adobe before:


cc'ing hubert, holla!

I can't remember though best tool for just purely reading and writing SVG.

I'm pretty sure the best is the patches written by Scott and his
friend (also cc'd), for getid3 which seem to be included and/or
improved now:


Guys, Wolfgang is improving metadata support inside of Open Clip Art
Library SVG files. Holla! Join the list if interested in helping :)


On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 8:41 AM, Wolfgang Spraul
<wolfgang at fabricatorz.com> wrote:
>> Interestingly, many of them do not seem to be valid xml (I attach a
>> list of those rejected by 'xmlstarlet val'), which makes parsing the
>> meta-data harder.
> Which tools do you suggest for manipulating the metadata inside
> the svgs? I mean some sort of scripting that allows me to say
> "overwrite cc:date", etc. Including removing invalid metadata,
> adding metadata if missing altogether, etc.
> I am sure there are lots of ways to load an xml document
> into memory, manipulate it and save back - just curious
> which ones you would propose or are using already for
> this...
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