[colord] shared-color-profiles licensing

Christopher James Halse Rogers christopher.halse.rogers at canonical.com
Tue Jul 12 23:03:10 PDT 2011

The shared-color-profiles README says that it contains colour profiles
that are either public domain, CC-BY-SA or CC-BY-ND, and COPYING is the
GPL-2+ license.

The licenses of most of the profiles are clear, however; Oysonar are
under the zlib license, and Yamma are MIT (although they're copyright
<some year> by those well known contributors, <copyright holders>).
However, with the exception of sRGB.icm, ClayRGB1998.icm, and
lab2lab.icm, the files in Argyll don't have a clear license, nor do
AdobeGammaTest.icm, Fogra27L.icc or bluish.icc.

Additionally it's not clear who holds the copyright of the files outside
the Oysonar directory.

Would it be possible to clear up these questions?


(Why, yes!  I *am* preparing to try and get these packages past the
Debian FTP masters!  How could you tell? ☺)
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