[compiz] Re: Discussion about Compiz and working togeher

Shawn Starr shawn.starr at rogers.com
Fri Sep 15 14:04:50 PDT 2006

>I haven't seen a lot of patches being sent to neither me or the compiz
>list. Some of the few patches I've seen have been temporary solutions or
>ugly workarounds for problems that have more proper solutions. I'm
>definitely willing to accept patches but I wont push in some ugly patch
>ust because it adds some additional functionality, I rather wait for
>the proper solution.

'wait' for a proper solution? Aren't we in this mess because of waiting too much? I know your a pretty busy person but one person on compiz isn't going to make it develop further if one doesn't have enough time to focus on it.

>cgwd seems great and all additional plugins are also great. I'm not sure
>this stuff needs to be in the compiz repository but I'm willing to add
>things if people wants that.

Thats minor, I'm sure something like that can be resolved easily. The problem is cgwd needs at least the window decoration paint patch from Quinn otherwise the window frame is blank.

>I'll try to get around writing some better version handling in the next
>couple of days, this will make it a lot easier to host plugins

That's fine. You don't need to include the compiz.net plugins into compiz git. 

>I'll try to report more of what I'm working on and my plans to the list.
>Others should do the same to make sure that what they're working is
>something we can agree on being the proper way to move forward.

Agreed, I think discussing things on a list to hash out details is the right thing to do.

>There shouldn't be a need for a xgl and aiglx mode. I'm sitting on a
>patch which will make xgl support use of the overlay window, I just need
>to verify that it's working before I push it upstream. If aiglx needs
>the --strict-binding option then we should probably make that default
>but other then that it should be working as it is.


Do you want me to test this? I have AIGLX right now with git compiz (+ 1 quinn patch) right now I'm using the Fedora patches to use AIGLX with compiz if those are the patch(es) you mean. They seem to work rather well for me.



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