[compiz] Re: Beryl Merger

David Reveman davidr at novell.com
Sun Apr 1 21:21:39 PDT 2007

On Sun, 2007-04-01 at 20:11 -0400, Jeffrey Laramie wrote:
> Hi David,
> If you've been following the discussion on the forum and/or compizadmin list, 
> you can see that we aren't getting anywhere with these discussions. The 
> hangup seems to be selecting a new name for the Compiz-Extra division. The 
> Beryl people feel it's the only thing they're asking for and they won't 
> concede this point.
> In case you're not up to speed the general idea is that the divisions we 
> created would remain as we agreed Compiz-Core and the compiz package name 
> would remain unchanged. The Compiz-Extra division would reunite with Beryl 
> under a new name. The current opinions:
> Mike - Doesn't really want to merge and just wants to try and get some of 
> their devs.
> Rico - Wants to merge but doesn't want to change the name. Thinks they should 
> just return to compiz and we can talk about the name change at some time in 
> the future.
> Arturo and me - We're fine with a name change. In fact I think we should 
> rename Compiz-Extra no matter what.
> It's really important that you express your opinion on the compizadmin list. 
> We are at a stalemate here and the opportunity to merge is fading.

I haven't read the forum posts but I've read your mails to the admin
list and considering that beryl folks haven't proved to be me most
reasonable people before, I'm amazed what you have been able to make
them agree to.

I'm sure that by accepting all the beryl community members into the
compiz-extra division we're accepting some people that can be really
helpful but also a lot of stupid people that we would do much better
without. However, I don't think that matters. For us to be successful we
need to be able to allow really stupid people to join too and I would
hate if the good people from the beryl community wouldn't be able to
join due to all the stupid people in their community.

I agree that compiz-extra needs a new name anyhow, which means that
we're not giving up a lot here. We'll have, if not more, at least as
much control of the compiz-extra division as the beryl people so we
don't have to worry about it hiding the fact that it's a compiz based
project, like beryl has done so successfully.

I suggest that we agree to the name change of compiz-extra and get this
merge thing past us as quickly as possible. The name doesn't have to be
decided before the merge of the communities happen. Deciding what name
to use can be one of the first tasks as a joint community.

I hope we can get to an agreement that all of you are OK with.


- David

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