[compiz] Compiz and Beryl are Reuniting

Jeffrey Laramie imnotpc at ubaight.com
Wed Apr 4 16:52:52 PDT 2007

After several weeks of discussion the leaders of Compiz and Beryl have agreed 
that the two communities shall reunite. This decision is supported by both 
David and Quinn and represents the majority decision of the administrators 
and developers in each community. At this early stage not a lot has been 
decided, but these are the main points of the agreement:

- As had previously been decided, Compiz will effectively split in to two 
divisions: Compiz-core and Compiz-extra.

- The Compiz-Core division will continue in the form described here 
http://forum.go-compiz.org/viewtopic.php?t=677. The name of the package will 
remain compiz.

- The Compiz-Extra division (what we think of as Compiz) will merge with the 
Beryl project to form a new community with the temporary name of "Composite 

- The codebase of the new community will consist of the best plugins, 
decorators, settings tools and related applications from the Beryl and Compiz 
communities. We will create a code review panel consisting of the best 
developers from each community who will see that any code included in a 
release package meets the highest standards and is suitable for distribution 
in an officially supported package. Support for existing packages will be 
continued at least until the first stable release of the new project.

- The websites of each community will remain up and running until a new, user 
oriented site is completed. Since the forums are the heart of each community, 
they will be merged first. Once we have a single community forum we can use 
it to discuss the additional details, including the name of the new project, 
as well as setting the goals for the first release.

Congratulations to everyone who has worked to reunite the communities. Well 


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