[compiz] Strange behaviour in move plugin

Danny Baumann dannybaumann at web.de
Thu Apr 12 08:07:59 PDT 2007


> > One of the two last commit to move plugin make windows movements really 
> > strange and cpu usage really intensive...
> Strange in what way?
> One of the changes that was made is that the server side window position
> is now updated after each motion event. This shouldn't really affect
> performance by itself but the application, some pager or some other
> application might be doing something performance sensitive each time the
> position changes.

While I don't have the sluggishness problems at all, I noticed another
slight problem with the new code: Viewport changes caused by
edgeflipping obviously cause a window movement by s->width / s->height
pixels (depending on your edgeflipping direction). This big jump is
animated by wobbly causing some "shiver" effect which looks pretty
This problem is normally obscured by rotate's flip time, but becomes
visible pretty easily if you set this setting to a low value (such as 20

Unfortunately I don't have a solution off-hand :-(



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