[compiz] Strange behaviour in move plugin

Vasek Potocek vasek.potocek at post.cz
Thu Apr 12 12:49:00 PDT 2007

>>> One of the two last commit to move plugin make windows movements really 
>>> strange and cpu usage really intensive...
>> Strange in what way?
>> One of the changes that was made is that the server side window position
>> is now updated after each motion event. This shouldn't really affect
>> performance by itself but the application, some pager or some other
>> application might be doing something performance sensitive each time the
>> position changes.
> While I don't have the sluggishness problems at all, I noticed another
> slight problem with the new code: Viewport changes caused by
> edgeflipping obviously cause a window movement by s->width / s->height
> pixels (depending on your edgeflipping direction). This big jump is
> animated by wobbly causing some "shiver" effect which looks pretty
> weird.
> This problem is normally obscured by rotate's flip time, but becomes
> visible pretty easily if you set this setting to a low value (such as 20
> ms).
> Unfortunately I don't have a solution off-hand :-(

There's one more problem which can be seen best on this video (from a digital camera only, I can't afford using xvidcap 
for the whole desktop):
Note the lower left edge moving sometimes opposite to what I do with the upper left edge. When one has a window snapped 
to the top screen border, one can manage to move it still upwards by dragging center of its title bar downwards for the 
same reason, but this is a bit harder to simulate. This came too with the commit mentioned above.
- Vasek

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