[compiz] Dual head window focus

Mark Nyqvist Hjarding compiz at hjarding.dk
Wed Aug 15 00:54:11 PDT 2007

I have been trying to configure my way out of this problem but so far I
haven't found a way. The problem is when running in a dual monitor mode
with 2 display devices window focus behaves differently that I expect it
would. If I am working on display :1 and rotate the cube, window focus
doesn't stay on display :1 but switches to the most recently used window
on display :0. I am used to use click to focus or alt+tab to change
focus but I have tried to make it work like I expected using mouse focus
but again without luck. If there is no window under the mouse after
rotating the window on the other display gets focus. Is there a way
around this problem?


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