[compiz] configuration updates

David Reveman davidr at novell.com
Fri Aug 17 10:27:18 PDT 2007

I just pushed out a large set of configuration updates that I've been
working on for the last couple of days.

A major difference from before is that the action options have now been
slit up into key, button, edge and bell options. Action options still
exist but they can only be triggered through dbus or a similar

It's very convenient to have every option type easily represented as a
string and that's now the case. If multiple primitive options are
supposed to be represented as one large option, the metadata should be
used to achieve that.

One benefit is that it simplifies the configuration system a lot and
once this was done I was able to quickly implement a proper kconfig
backend plugin (I'll follow up with another mail regarding this
shortly).  I've also re-written large parts of the gconf plugin and it's
now in a much better state than before.

Any plugin that uses action options will need to be updated but the
changes that need to be made are simple. Each action option needs to be
split up into a key, button, edge and bell option. However, you should
only add the ones that makes sense. E.g. if the option is only supposed
to be triggered using a key-binding, don't add the other options.

I've already updated the core and all plugins in the fdo repository.
Look at these changes to see how to best update other plugins.

By adding the "_key" suffix to key actions, "_button" suffix to button
actions etc you'll avoid breaking configuration tools as the gconf
plugin was exposing the old action options like this before anyhow.

I haven't added key, button, edge and bell options for all old action
option. Mostly just the key option but it's trivial to add the other
ones so just let me know if you for example want a button or edge option
for an action that is only exposed as a key option and I'll add it

Configuration backends need to be updated as well but the changes there
are also simple, mostly about removing old complex action option
handling code.


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