[compiz] Horizontally maximized window on last viewport

Jesper Andersen jespera at diku.dk
Wed Feb 7 00:50:19 PST 2007

Forgot to send this to the mailinglist as well.

On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 20:02 -0500, David Reveman wrote: 
> Yes, it was easy to reproduce with your instructions. I've found the
> issue causing this behavior and I've pushed out changes that should
> it.

Indeed! As I often use horizontally (and or vertically) maximized
windows this was often getting in the way.

> Thanks,
I happy to help.

I am also experience two other issues with window sizes. One is for 1)
maximized windows and another is for 2) "overly" maximized windows.

I usually use Evolution (2.8). I usually have the main window maximized.
When I close the main Evolution window (using either File->Close Window
or ctrl-w) and then restart Evolution, the main window comes up
maximized again. This is the behavior I like. However, if I close down
Evolution (either File->Quit or ctrl-q) and then start Evolution again,
the size of the main window is "as if" maximized, but the window is not
in a "maximized state" (I can move it which I can't with maximized
The problem is not that I can move the window, the problem is that
usually the window is a little larger than maximized (or displaced
perhaps) and so appears on the next viewport as well. The problem with
THAT is evident when I switch to the next viewport (where I can now just
see the right edge of the Evolution window) for some other tasks and try
to switch to Evolution using the switcher or scale.
Since Evolution now slightly appears on my current viewport, instead of
switching viewport to where I opened Evolution focus just changes to the
slightly visible Evolution window which is not very convenient.

I am not sure this is a compiz issue as much as it is Evolution not
remembering it's state correctly? However, if I use Metacity, Evolution
seems to remember maximized state correctly. (Of course, Metacity also
does not use large viewports, so the same issue with slightly visible
windows as mentioned above never occurs here)

The last issue is technically an Evince issue. Evince currently (I am
using 0.6.1) has some issues with resizing it's window. Sometimes, when
opening a new window it is much larger than the viewport. The problem is
then that if it is too large, window decorations turn into white stuff
instead and are not restored to their usual appearance until I resize
the Evince window down to something more manageable. I tried increasing
the size of some random window and then the "white decorations stuff"
happened and compiz gave the following message:

~ $ compiz: pixmap 0x3c03327 can't be bound to texture

So I guess it's an issue with texture sizes?

It's mostly Evince acting silly and I usually maximize Evince windows
anyway. Also, Evince remembers it's maximized state correctly in
contrast to Evolution.

I hope the above is useful somehow.


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