[compiz] gtk-window-decorator - No window borders

Brad Ison ison.brad at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 17:37:16 PST 2007

Mike Dransfield wrote:
> Brad Ison wrote:
>> No decoration plugin is installed in $prefix/lib/compiz/ just the
>> libdecoration libraries are installed into $prefix/lib/. If I do add
>> decoration to active_plugins compiz won't find it and will remove it
>> from the list. When I first saw this happening I too thought this was
>> the problem. So, I went into $prefix/lib/compiz/ and copied the
>> libdecoration files installed to $prefix/lib/ into the compiz directory
>> as if they were a plugin. But, when compiz goes to load the decoration
>> plugin then it complains about not being able to lookup
>> getCompPluginInfo in libdecoration.so - I see the getCompPluginInfo
>> function in decoration.c though. So at this point I'm not sure what to
>> think.
> This is your problem, you need to fix your installation so
> that you have the decoration plugin.
> libdecoration is not the same as the decoration plugin
> so swapping that in will not work.
> Possibly libdecoration could be renamed libdecorator to
> avoid this potential confusion?

You're right its because I configured compiz with --prefix=/usr/local
and installed with 'make install prefix=/usr/local/stow/compiz' since I
use stow for these packages. I guess the the relink command in
libdecoration.la keeps it from installing to a place other than the
configured prefix/lib/compiz -- at least thats the only difference I can
see between decoration and all the other plugins. Sorry, should have
figured that out sooner, but the warning about not installing it gets
lost in all the output and having other libdecoration files in the
directory above is kind of misleading in this case. Thanks everyone for
all the input.

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