[compiz] Invisible window problem

Mike Dransfield mike at blueroot.co.uk
Tue Feb 27 11:50:13 PST 2007

David Reveman wrote:
>> Is there any other debugging information I could get on this?
> Can you reproduce it? if so, how?
I can reproduce it without trying.  Unfortunately I do not know how
to reliably reproduce it.  It just happens very often.

> It's probably one of the input only windows that compiz creates that get
> into some weird state.
> Compiz creates input only windows for screen edges, for window
> decorations, in clone plugin and in scale plugin when using dnd. Try
> disabling each of these and see if it helps (you have to disable all
> plugins that use screen edges to not have them mapped).

Initially I blamed the decorators, but it happens with both
of them (so if it is decorator based it is in libdecoration).
The only difference is that kwd allows you to resize this window
but gwd doesn't.

This information was useful.  I do not use clone and I have disabled
all screen corners, the window seemed to disappear when I
restarted compiz, but it returned while I was typing this email.

Could it be related to the switcher?  I notice it comes and goes with
it sometimes and the window is around the area where the window title
appears on it.  It might be related to the switcher being switched

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