[compiz] dbus introspection

Mike Dransfield mike at blueroot.co.uk
Tue Feb 27 12:16:43 PST 2007

Travis Watkins wrote:
>> From the specification:
> A DICT_ENTRY works exactly like a struct, but rather than parentheses
> it uses curly braces, and it has more restrictions. The restrictions
> are: it occurs only as an array element type; it has exactly two
> single complete types inside the curly braces; the first single
> complete type (the "key") must be a basic type rather than a container
> type. Implementations must not accept dict entries outside of arrays,
> must not accept dict entries with zero, one, or more than two fields,
> and must not accept dict entries with non-basic-typed keys. A dict
> entry is always a key-value pair.

When we are talking about the in value for all action options
these features are desired.  Plus I think it marshals better into
languages which support dictionary type structures.  Do you
know how a struct marshals into python?

The values which go in now are all key value pairs, so a
dictionary sounds ideal.

I have had a quick look and I think its possible to have a
variant number of key value pairs with something like this
as the signature.


Which is probably the same as something like this (but will
probably not marshall as well)


Does this sound about right?

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