[compiz] Dissappearing gnome terminal contents

Jesper Andersen jespera at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 02:45:56 PDT 2007


I was not able to find any notice of this issue in either the forums or
bugzilla (http://bugs.opencompositing.org/) (is that still used btw) so
I am posting it here in the hope that it is useful to someone.

I am using gentoo and gnome 2.20 and the compiz version from git

When I maximize (vertically, horizontally, both) a gnome-terminal
window the contents of the terminal window disappears and leaves the
terminal window in its default background color. Decorations and menu
are drawn as usual. I have to switch to anther window or viewport and
the back to the terminal window before the contents is redrawn. Also,
unmaximizing the terminal window makes the contents visible again. 

Actually, activating the switcher and selecting the terminal window is
good enough to make the window contents show again.

The issue is not seen in e.g. urxvt terminal windows (or xterm for that
matter) and it does not occur when I run metacity instead of
compiz+gwd or compiz+emeral.

I would be happy to provide more information if needed.

As I very frequently maximize my terminal windows and rather prefer the
gnome-terminal I would very much like to resolve this issue. Does anyone
have an idea what to do or where I could look (in the sources even) to
fix the issue?

Jesper Andersen

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