[compiz] Dissappearing gnome terminal contents

Danny Baumann dannybaumann at web.de
Tue Oct 2 03:24:50 PDT 2007

Am Dienstag, den 02.10.2007, 11:45 +0200 schrieb Jesper Andersen:
> Hi.
> I was not able to find any notice of this issue in either the forums or
> bugzilla (http://bugs.opencompositing.org/) (is that still used btw) so
> I am posting it here in the hope that it is useful to someone.
> I am using gentoo and gnome 2.20 and the compiz version from git
> sources.
> When I maximize (vertically, horizontally, both) a gnome-terminal
> window the contents of the terminal window disappears and leaves the
> terminal window in its default background color. Decorations and menu
> are drawn as usual. I have to switch to anther window or viewport and
> the back to the terminal window before the contents is redrawn. Also,
> unmaximizing the terminal window makes the contents visible again. 
> Actually, activating the switcher and selecting the terminal window is
> good enough to make the window contents show again.
> The issue is not seen in e.g. urxvt terminal windows (or xterm for that
> matter) and it does not occur when I run metacity instead of
> compiz+gwd or compiz+emeral.
> I would be happy to provide more information if needed.
> As I very frequently maximize my terminal windows and rather prefer the
> gnome-terminal I would very much like to resolve this issue. Does anyone
> have an idea what to do or where I could look (in the sources even) to
> fix the issue?

Is this issue fixed by commit d301a011471469fea70f3d3d519ed47ead1f8e22 ?
I ask because it's supposed to fix another issue with gnome-terminal
(open a g-t window, open a new tab, maximize, close tab -> second tab
still has unmaximized terminal size), but I can't see the issue you
describe here.



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