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Steven Hunt srhlefty at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 20:33:58 PDT 2007

This is an interesting idea.  How would the user control how the windows
move in the depth dimension?  Would the user actually "walk" around such a
space?  With such a large space, how would one get to a particular window
quickly, i.e. is there still a switcher?

A 2D slice of such a space reminds me a lot of the current "Wall" plugin
that compiz has, and is one of my favorites.

On 10/18/07, Mark McCarron <markmccarron_itt at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I have been thinking of a new style of interface that could be added to
> Compiz.  Essentially, rather than having a desktop, the user would be
> presented with a space in which to work.  This space would be several meters
> wide in real terms and the user could navigate the space in a similar
> fashion to a 3D game.
> Windows could be grabbed and thrown throughout the space, providing a very
> large workspace.  This would also allow the user to physically arrange
> Windows in the space according to particular tasks or functions.  A simple
> double-click of a Window would cause it to snap into full 2D view were the
> application can be worked upon.
> The concept of multiple desktops, could be implemented as multiple
> spaces.  Given the network transparency of X, it would also allow for the
> concept of a public space.  A public space would be a desktop that is shared
> either across a LAN or Internet.  This has both business and personal
> applications.  In terms of business, it can be used for presentations,
> reviewing designs, etc.  In terms of personal use, it would open a new area
> to social networking, desktop surfing.  End users could store images, videos
> and a range of interactive items that members of the public can view or
> download.
> I realise that this can prove to be a bandwidth hog, but like everything
> in computer world, this will only improve with time and become less of an
> issue.
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