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Good questions.  I have a few suggestions that may help, I'm sure the Compiz developers will be able to structure the controls much better.  So, take this as a basis from which to begin.
There would be two basic modes, the first mode would be free space, that is, your mouse guides you through the desktop space.  Upon selecting a window, you would enter the second mode, the mouse controls would now act upon the selected Window.  A simple left-click in free space would return the user to the first mode.
I would expect the user to be able walk around the environment similar to any FPS.  Movement can either be provided by a mouse click providing acceleration, or via keyboard controls again similar to any FPS.
As windows are objects, perhaps they should have a small control on the border of the windows that can be manipulated by the mouse.  This control would allow the user to alter each of dimensions independently.  A small clickable X,Y,Z object would work well.  This control could be expanded to allow for rotation and scaling of the object.
A quick switch utility is something that is definitely required.  Whilst the freedom aspect is good, the desktop must provide a productive environment.  I like the wall utility too, I find it very handy.  I would expect this to look at the space from above and provide the user with a sense of where each window is located as well as a bitmap preview.
There should also be support for the direct loading and rendering of meshes.  This is both for decoration and as a tool for work environments. Collaborative design work, even across multiple vendors, would become very easy.  Architects would be able to work on designs with real-time client input, car designers would be able to work as team, etc.  I'm not suggesting a full editing environment, just a basic viewer that supports major formats.

Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 20:33:58 -0700From: srhlefty at gmail.comTo: markmccarron_itt at hotmail.com; compiz at lists.freedesktop.orgSubject: Re: [compiz] Feature RequestThis is an interesting idea.  How would the user control how the windows move in the depth dimension?  Would the user actually "walk" around such a space?  With such a large space, how would one get to a particular window quickly, i.e. is there still a switcher?A 2D slice of such a space reminds me a lot of the current "Wall" plugin that compiz has, and is one of my favorites.
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Hi Guys, I have been thinking of a new style of interface that could be added to Compiz.  Essentially, rather than having a desktop, the user would be presented with a space in which to work.  This space would be several meters wide in real terms and the user could navigate the space in a similar fashion to a 3D game.  Windows could be grabbed and thrown throughout the space, providing a very large workspace.  This would also allow the user to physically arrange Windows in the space according to particular tasks or functions.  A simple double-click of a Window would cause it to snap into full 2D view were the application can be worked upon.  The concept of multiple desktops, could be implemented as multiple spaces.  Given the network transparency of X, it would also allow for the concept of a public space.  A public space would be a desktop that is shared either across a LAN or Internet.  This has both business and personal applications.  In terms of business, it can be used for presentations, reviewing designs, etc.  In terms of personal use, it would open a new area to social networking, desktop surfing.  End users could store images, videos and a range of interactive items that members of the public can view or download.  I realise that this can prove to be a bandwidth hog, but like everything in computer world, this will only improve with time and become less of an issue. 

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