[compiz] Java animations, Google Earth flashing with Compiz enabled

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat May 3 10:48:38 PDT 2008

2008/5/3 Adam K Kirchhoff <adamk at voicenet.com>:
> I would not say that AIGLX has replaced Xgl.  Xgl has separate goals
> from AIGLX...  It's just that Xgl is no longer maintained, from what I
> understand.  Development has pretty much stopped on it.
> However, Xgl is still available with ubuntu 8.04.  You could certainly
> try using Xgl again.

Adam, where can I read about XGL and AIGLX in a way that someone who
is not a CS major would understand? I make an effort to understand how
things work, and I know to STFW and RTFM but I cannot find entry level
information. Thanks, and sorry to ask the basic silly question, but
I'm having a hard time finding info on my own.

Dotan Cohen


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