[compiz] Minutes of the Compiz Conference Call, 2009-02-02

Guillaume Seguin guillaume at segu.in
Tue Feb 3 06:03:36 PST 2009

Greetings !

Here are the minutes of the third Compiz Conference Call, which took place
yesterday, 2009-02-02 :

About Compiz++ :
Drops multiscreen support, moves rendering out to the plugins side

About the merger :
We're already one project, we just need to fix the confusion and settle on a
single name : Compiz

Get DNS access to both compiz.org and compiz-fusion.org
Moving bug tracker to one place, close fd.o

Compiz++ / Nomad roadmap :
Release 0.8.0 after the name change, merge compiz++, release 0.9.0, bug fix,
release.... merge nomad, release, bug fix ...

Investigate time based releases

Compiz++ / Nomad merge :
Problem : no multiscreen support in Compiz++
Possible solution : use a separate instance of Compiz to render the remote
desktop, would allow using Nomad without running Compiz as main wm

GNOME Shell, from a Compiz point of view :
We have a flexible system, we can implement things very fast

Next meeting :
Will take place in April

Conclusion :
This conference call was basically a "ok, we agree on this part of the agenda"
session, so for parts of the agenda not in there, just assume what had been
proposed was accepted.
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