[compiz] Command binding handling in compiz core

Danny Baumann dannybaumann at web.de
Tue Feb 3 06:35:18 PST 2009


> > Hence I propose doing the following:
> >
> > - Add a "commands" plugin
> > Handling of arbitrary command bindings should be moved from core to this
> > plugin. Also, button and edge bindings for arbitrary commands as
> > requested by a number of people can easily be added to such a plugin
> > without bloating core option count.
> >
> > - Add a "gnomecompat" plugin
> > This plugin should receive the terminal and screenshot command bindings
> > as well as the "main menu" and "run dialog" action handling.
> >
> > - Remove "main menu" and "run dialog" toolkit action code from
> > decorators and core completely.
> So I would assume that all the "main menu" and "run dialog" code is
> going into this gnomecompat plugin?


> Also, has Dennis talked to you about a kdecompat plugin?

It's not needed AFAICT. In KDE, system-wide bindings (such as
screenshot, main menu, etc.) are not handled by the window manager, but
by a separate daemon ("kded4"). In fact, having those bindings in core
hurts us in KDE for the default config because both compiz and kded4 are
trying to grab e.g. Alt+F1. Moving that code to a plugin which is only
enabled in Gnome solves that kind of problem.



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