[compiz] Regarding freedesktop.org and Compiz

Kristian Lyngstol kristian at bohemians.org
Wed Feb 11 23:38:46 PST 2009

We were a little imprecise in our original announcement with regards to
moving away from freedesktop.org, which seems to have caused some confusion.

We are only moving away from the freedesktop.org infrastructure. NOT the

By moving away from freedesktop.org, we are:

- Shutting down bug-submission on bugs.freedesktop.org. We will be using
  bugs.opencompositing.org which will soon be available as bugs.compiz.org. 
  This is where Compiz Fusion has/had it's bugs, and we already have it set
  up, though it will require some adjustments for the name-change.
- Moving the core git repository away from git.freedesktop.org to
  git.opencompositing.org, which will soon be available as git.compiz.org.
  This is where Compiz Fusion was hosted, and we already have a significant
  number of repositories there.
- Finally, moving this mail list once compiz.org-mail is functional.

Those three points are the only actions we are taking with regards to
Freedesktop.org. We may/will adjust the freedesktop.org wiki-page about
Compiz to reflect recent changes, but we are not, nor will we ever move
away from the standards defined on freedesktop.org that regards window

- Kristian
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