[compiz] 0.8-based Compiz work

Kristian LyngstĂžl kristian at bohemians.org
Fri Nov 21 00:37:24 PST 2014

For the last few weeks I've been fiddling with the 0.8 code-base, mostly
because compiz got nuked in my distro and I had to do something, if for no
other reason than to have a running WM. You can find my work at:

(I'm also tracking issues there)

I've done what I felt like doing, some of which would've been
controversial/problematic 5 years ago. Hilights:

- Merged plugins from plugins-main directly into the regular plugins.
- Ditto for bcop
- Several tweaks and improvements to the build system, including silent
building, building of bcop-based plugins without the bcop "binary"
installed, much better handling of ./configure (still, work in progress)
- Add a README which is also compiled to a man page.
- Fix loading of default plugins specified at ./configure
- Sane handling of file paths for images, and error reporting
- Added simpler logging, that is easier for devs to use.
- Some very minor bug fixes
- Change coding style (I prefer my bike shed green)

I don't have any big world-domination plans. I've got some ideas of where I
want to go, but I don't want to make a mess for anyone. Ultimately, this is
just me fiddling around with code I used to know very well, not an attempt
to smear compiz 0.9-work or "steal" anything. If it turns out to be of
interest to others, we'll just have to see what happens and deal with
questions like "What do we call it?", "Is it a fork?" and "Do these pants
make me look fat?" then.

I wanted to hold off on this mail until things were looking a little
better. I am having some trouble understanding why my compizconfig stuff
isn't working at the moment. I'm sure I can get it to work out-of-tree, but
it's more important to me to know why it's not working and even more
importantly, why it doesn't report why it's not working. I am writing a
config-plugin to experiment (appropriately named lolconf). I expect to sort
it out within a few days, but make no promises.

Unfortunately I feel like I have no choice but to announce this work
"officially", despite it's premature state. Scott seems to be set on
pushing his own agenda, despite my appeals to wait for a couple of weeks so
we can see what comes out of my work. I've repeatedly stated that I'm
willing to work with anyone, including Scott, despite his constant flow of
personal attacks and temper tantrums. I don't want this mail to be about
him, but I wanted to explain why I'm telling you about a side project when
config plugins are still broken.

So my "plan" is simple:

- Fix configuration short term, possibly long term
- Finish the ./configure work so it's easy to tell from the summary what's
- Fix random minor things that I feel like fixing
- See about packaging (.deb and probably .rpm)
- ?????
- Profit

Feedback, help, chocolate, patches, etc are most welcome.

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