[ConsoleKit] Feature request: Specify SeatID

Halton Huo Halton.Huo at Sun.COM
Tue Aug 18 00:21:52 PDT 2009


During Solaris review on ConsoleKit, we have a new request as title.
Please allow me to explain in detail.

Currently, when a seat is created, ConsoleKit decides what SeatID is,
normally is Seat#. That will cause "ck-history --seat" give a merged
result even if those informations are not related. Ideally if user can
decide what SeatID will be created, there will be no such a pain.

Technically, I think this request can be achieved.

For static seats
We can add a filed 'ID' in .seat file. If the value is not null,
ConsoleKit create seats with the given ID as desired. Otherwise,
ConsoleKit decides SeatID as before.

For dynamic seats through ck-seat-tool. 
If --seat-id=SEAT_ID is given and this seat is existing, a new session
will be append on that seat.
If --seat-id=SEAT_ID is given but this seat is not existing, a new seat
with given seat id created, and a new session append on that seat.
If --seat-id=SEAT_ID is not given, a new seat with generated seat id
(Seat#) will be created, and a new session append on that seat.

Any comments?

Please refer to the follow link to get the details.


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