[CREATE] XMP : MakerNote

Leonard Rosenthol leonardr at pdfsages.com
Fri Jun 8 14:39:30 PDT 2007

On Jun 7, 2007, at 6:01 PM, Cyrille Berger wrote:
> I am currently working on XMP for Krita,


> and Gilles Caullier has told me that
> one problem with XMP for photograph is that it can't serialize  
> Makernote
> (small binary chunks inside exif which can be used to manufacturers  
> to extend
> the exif specification to include more information).

	That is correct.

> So I propose, one schema for the data chunk:
> uri: http://create.freedesktop.org/xmp/MakerNote/1.0
> prefix: mkn
> With only value:
> RawData as a String with the MakerNote encoded in base64
	Please DO NOT do this!!

	I've discussed this the XMP team and they do NOT recommend the  
inclusion of a "binary blob" of data inside of XMP, and ESPECIALLY  
NOT the MakerNote data.   That should remain as a binary block inside  
the other formats.  That is how Adobe Creative Suite handles it and  
we would recommend that for compatibilty you do the same.

Leonard Rosenthol
Adobe Systems

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