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peter info at videomagazijn.org
Sat Sep 19 03:16:23 PDT 2009

Hi Stani, Jan, Jon, all

I am Femke's colleague at Constant
-- we'll be organising on this side of the ocean
great to hear there are enthusiasts in BE !

 >>> As we work with hotel chains and independent hoteliers alike, in all
 >>> categories from 2* to 5* and at all budgets, we can make you a
 >>> competitive offer.
 >> I think this certainly sounds like a nice offer, but I guess some people
 >> (students?) might prefer a youth/budget hostel or such over any "2 star
 >> or more hotel"...?   ;-)
 > I think the organizers are trying to reach a deal with an university.

that company been spamming us before,
but we have no experience in working with them (maybe any of you does ? )
they seem to be geared towards corporate work, and as you know, there 
are also quite a few travelling bureaucrats in Brussels
but hey, we could contact them to see what they can do for modest budgets

 >> Anyway, I live in Belgium, and if I can make some free time during LGM,
 >> I'd be happy to do some volunteer work for the conference.

excellent, when time will come there will probably lots of things to do !

Is there any
 >> other place I should subscribe, or is this list the best place to keep
 >> updated on things?
 > The best is to subscribe to this list. Also you can hang out on irc #lgm.

 >> If you want any reference: I've been involved in the Ubuntu project
 >> since about 5 years & in Ubuntu Belgium since almost 4 years.  Maybe
 >> some of you have seen me at the Ubuntu booth at FOSDEM.  I'm also part
 >> of the GParted project & have been interacting with several other open
 >> source projects.  I've also got some graphical education, and I've been
 >> interested in typography since I was a teenager (even if my type-design
 >> until now has been limited to bitmap fonts about 15 years ago ;) ).
 > As a Belgian I can confirm that Jan Claes puts a lot of effort in the
 > local free software community and organizing. So I can highly
 > recommend him. Maybe Jan, you could try to get more volunteers of
 > Ubuntu-be involved? In that case the best is to contact Femke of
 > Constant vzw, which is coordinating the Brussels LGM. Jan, if you like
 > typography, you won't be dissappointed. There is plenty of typography
 > related talks on LGM.
 >> BTW: if you want, I'm quite sure Guy Duportail from
 >> http://www.multiseatcomputer.be/ can provide you with a multiseat system
 >> for conference attendees without other means to get on-line.  (I can ask
 >> him if you want.)

I have seen that set-up in fossdem and similar events, it is beautiful 
stuff --

 > Most (if not all) developers bring their laptop. Although the idea was
 > to maybe get also public outside the developer community invited. It
 > could be useful for that, provided that they run the free graphics
 > software of course ;-) But again better coordinate with Femke. As you
 > live in Belgium, maybe you can try join an OSP activity to get in
 > contact with Femke and the other organizers:
 > http://ospublish.constantvzw.org/

or: you could knock on our door if you happen to be in Bruxsels / 
address below :-) near café Verschueren



constant vzw | rue du fort straat 5 | 1060 brussel belgie | 0032 (0)2 
5392467 | constantvzw.org

                   C O N S T A N T
                        V Z W

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