[CREATE] Fwd: Libre Graphics Meeting, 26-29 May 2010 in Brussels]

Yuval Levy create07 at sfina.com
Sat Sep 19 06:52:05 PDT 2009

peter wrote:
> that company been spamming us before,
> but we have no experience in working with them (maybe any of you does ? )
> they seem to be geared towards corporate work, and as you know, there 
> are also quite a few travelling bureaucrats in Brussels
> but hey, we could contact them to see what they can do for modest budgets

sure less than what a direct contact with a hotel would get you. their 
business model is to get a big discount from the hotel and re-sell with 
a margin. Talk with a hotel manager, promise him 30-50 blocked room, and 
see what he offers you. Depending on the seasonality of the business, 
you may get 50%-70% discount over the "official" rates. In 2003 I got a 
hotel that was selling its rooms above 300$/night for 99$/night.


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