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Igor Novikov igor.e.novikov at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 00:40:36 PDT 2010

> so, as far as i can tell, the idea behind an LGM in vietnam is:
> - to let local artists and developers meet the libre graphics community

It's really incorrect way. Average month salary in Vietnam is ~80-100 USD.
So a lot of people has no personal computers at all.
Vietnam is rather a target for OLPC project than a home of large libre
graphics community. Therefore the best way is inviting
artists and developers from Vietnam to LGM but not organizing LGM in

And don't forget medicine problems. Despite the great efforts Soviet Union
has not resolved diseases control issues in Vietnam.
Since that times the situation has not improved but rather the opposite. If
we lose some developers because of the tropical
diseases (it's depends on personal immunity) that are extremely negative
impact on the libre graphics progress.

Concerning common LGM for American/European and Asian participators I think
India is a best place. But such travel is also
not a cheap issue. Actually we should find a balance between "LGM for actual
developers" and "LGM for possible members".
For many projects LGM is a serious milestone for development. And not all
participators of previous LGM editions can spend
money for such long distance traveling. So trying involve new people we can
get regress in existing projects. May be local
LGM versions in different countries are possible solution I don't know.

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